In lieu of SMG Meta, Let’s discuss another problem highlighted by it: Aimpunch.

Desync, tickrate, camera recoil, all these other problems aside I think some changes to aimpunch are still necessary, it's extreme in so many cases.

I wish I had more examples of it, but everytime I'm on the barrel end of a vector, VSS, or even just a MPX, I get things like this:

Vector Aimpunch 6.3 AP

The downsides of SMGs or high firerates are supposed to make it so you need to hit multiple rounds, but in a lot of cases the moment you land one you are almost comfortably taking the trade thereon.

There's an argument to be made that you're getting shot, you shouldn't be able to easily shoot back, and if they want that simulation style for aimpunch then maybe it's fine – but it's never fun to be on the other side of. It's disorienting, blurry, and gives such a major headache and makes a fight so much more frustrating to lose.

High fire rate guns are already meta for their TTK, this just feels like unnecessary icing on the cake.


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