How hard is it to really balance this game?

witcher triss merigold gwint

I don't buy the reasoning that balancing is soooo hard and that's why we get stuck with certain metas / have busted cards for a while. I'm an NG player – but it's so painfully obvious to me that Blightmaker is stupid. 11 points for 6p and thinning. I don't think any sane gwent dev thinks that's acceptable either.

I think it's the finance people at CDPR that explicitly tell them to make the latest expansion more powerful (real hot take I know). And that's why every expansion is basically a "here are the 1 or 2 decks for each faction that are busted. Use them or lose"

If the devs were allowed to they could patch this game more often and make a concerted effort at bringing dead cards and archetypes back into the fold. I've seen razor sharp balance in other games I think it could be done here too.

I just wish they'd figure out a different, less bullshit revenue model than power creep expansions. It absolutely ruins this game for me.


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