How is anyone supposed to role-play scav with this broken system?

I tried to role-play as a good-karma scav today with 12 raids in a row and here was my experience:

  1. I saw a PMC in the SSH green helmet and paca armor so I kill him. Nope, it was a player scav NEGATIVE SCAV KARMA
  2. I run across 2 PMCs looting a house in shoreline so I set up an ambush and kill of them as they exit. Nope, they were a team of player-scavs looting NEGATIVE SCAV KARMA
  3. I see a scav in a white shirt running towards me so I wiggle. Nope, it was a USEC with the white shirt on KILLED BY PMC
  4. I'm in a popular loot zone on customs and this PMC SPRINTS dead at me. He heard me, he knows where I am and he wants to fight. As soon as he comes around the corner I spray him down. Nope, it was an AI scav sprinting at me at full speed for some dumb reason. NEGATIVE SCAV KARMA.
  5. I go into factory and wiggle at another player-scav. We team up! A bad-karma player scav shoots at my friendly-scav and me, we both return fire and I kill him. NEGATIVE SCAV KARMA. Now all the AI scavs agro on me and kill me for saving my "friend" scav.

In about 12 raids trying my hardest to play scav as Nikita intends, I ended up killing about 6 scavs and 1 PMC. Oh and I undid all the bad karma by taking like 2 car exfils and selling some guns to fence.

Am I just bad or is the gameplay completely broken due to the inability to identify friend-from-foe? It seems the current scav meta is actually just to kill every other scav you see on sight, and then just take some car exfils to make up for it.


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