How many people have been screwed by the Flea Market Fee?

Listen, I understand that the Flea Market fee prevents people from price gouging and crashing market prices and I think that's GREAT!

But how many of us have been screwed by accidentally selling whatever item the game randomly decides to populate the trade offer window with, thinking it was the high value key we intended on selling? Or who has excitedly sold their very first item on the flea market for wayyy too much without having done any market research just to see what would happen, only to find out you are now missing a couple hundred thousand or million rubles?

I don't know about you guys, but when I realized I had unwittingly thrown away 2-3 weeks worth of grinding as a low level character(first wipe, level 0-10) it knocked me out of my love affair with this game, and I'm still struggling to get the magic back. At first I thought I had been hacked somehow!

Part of the reason I'm having a hard time moving on is that for some reason I now only have two market offers instead of the three I started with. It's like the game itself is punishing me for making a pretty simple mistake. What the hell is that all about? I mean, clearly I can't be trusted with 3 offers, but come on… who do you think you are you, my dominatrix?

So is this what we want from our Tarkov experience? Is Tarkov such a hardcore game that even the user interface can financially murder your pmc? Hell, why not just make your pmc play russian roulette everytime you click the Escape From Tarkov button on the main menu, everytime he loses your progress gets wiped? Wouldn't that be fun? Are you not entertained?

OR the game could simply not automatically populate the Add Offer trade window with a random default item, just leave it blank, why are you selecting that stack of worthless ammo anyway?

OR the game could have a popup window that would alert you that the fee on that stack of ammo you are trying to sell at that ridiculous price is going to be half a million higher than what you'd make of the trade even if someone was crazy enough to buy all your 32 rounds for 50,000 rubles.

I'm all about spawning in and immediately donating 200k worth of gear to a better player in the first 10 seconds of a raid, that's the kind of risk-reward gamble that makes this game so gripping! My hunch is that the player base as a whole is less enthusiastic about systems that could easily bone you outside of the actual gameplay.

What do you, the players of Tarkov, think?

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