How to be efficient and not overwhelmed

In no way would I consider myself a veteran, but I’ve been playing for about a year. One thing that I have always done is pick several weapons and play exclusively with them. I pick a pistol, smg, AR, and some sort of sniper/dmr. It saves a ton of stash size, eliminates the need to keep buying different ammo/mags/attachments for that pimped-out AK-105 you found last raid. I usually stick with a set for the majority of the wipe.
This wipe’s lodout:
M9 Beretta. This pistol is easily one of my favorite for loot runs. Cheap af, high cap mags, pst ammo is great.
Mp7-AP 6.3 and a mean fire rate makes it better than the p90, for a lot cheaper.
Colt m4- my build is mostly mega recoil with ergo upgrades, costs around 250k for one of the best weapons in game rn.
Sa-58. My all-time favorite gun. M80/m61 is insane, full auto available for quick spray downs without switching guns, long range sniping beast. If I could only play with one gun, it would be this monster.

Let me know what you guys think, do you tent to stick to a handful of weapons only or play around with whatever? What’s your go-to loadout?


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