banned mods? MODS should be removed completely

and I mean everything. vanilla WoT is just fine.

WG bans mods but allows others. This is backwards. Why?

If a mod is available to everyone then the playing field is level. this is different than that of a game hack like those found on game hacking websites(you can google them quite easily) that inject a program into a game during load or having to change how your computer boots via BIOS changes. Its very clear that most players wont go to such extremes to cheat in games. However, it's quite simple to install a mod that shows tracers, lasers, auto aim that compensates for vehicle motion, and terrain mods.

For example; allowed mods:

a mod that alerts the player that an enemy is in your LOS AND that same mod highlights said tank on the map. This is perfectly fine and available on the WoTMods site. How is that fair? you have a mini map….use it.

a mod that shows weak points on all tanks, and they are pretty accurate. again the logic makes no sense that its alight to use.

Disclaimer: I use all available mods to gain an edge that are available on WoT website, why? If you can use it then i shall too.


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