How to: Escape from Boredom?

I am bored. I have played 1200h in the past 11 months. Its my second wipe. I ended the first one with 250 mil stash and level 55. Now Im level 48 and also 250 mil stash. I dont like playing a lot of maps, Im a Customs main. I dont like the siren and stupid extracts on reserve and its "all the same". Labs has cheaters. Factory has no loot. Woods is only sniping and camping and also no loot. Shoreline is 90% woods and 10% awful pvp circlejerk. Interchange is the worst anyway. So I play 99% Customs. I enjoy the middle ground between looting and pvp, the interesting terrain changes, choke points (yes Im one of those people), the scav boss is fun and challenging. Its the perfect map, perfect size, perfect layout.

But im bored. I recently allured my old teammate into Tarkov but….thats no fun either playing with someone who has absolutely no idea whats going on and needs to be carried 100%.

I love this game. I enjoy it so much. I love the hideout, I like the weapon modification system, I like the quests (mostly, but I dont like going for Kappa because I dont think its worth the time and effort and stupid fucking Jaeger quests). But I miss the longevity.

Do you have any tips? Have you been at this point? What do you do? It seems useless to me to go into another raid because I dont need anything. I have so much money I dont know what to do with it. My bitcoin farm gives me a mil a day for free. I dont need pvp loot nor pve loot. I run the best endgame gear every raid, die very rarely, but I have no incentive to even pick up pvp loot.

I am lost. I need help. Please help me. Thank you.


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