How to make Vampires great again…

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Hi folks,

Hot topic for today – making Vampires great again!

They, as in CDPR, have tried a few times recently to create viability in the Vampire archetype and let's be fair, they have indeed introduced a couple of great units in the new Detlaff, and in particular, the Unseen Elder. However, this hasn't done enough imho, and the archetype is still way short of viability. Here's some of the obvious failings:

  1. They are essentially one dimensional. It's bleed, bleed, bleed, boost if bleeding, or bleed some more. Great at the start or middle of round, terrible at the end, and really terrible if having to play proactively.
  2. Veil! One or more veiled units on your opponent's side nullifies much of their power, and if you've played Vampires you'll how only too well how often those veiled units act as magnets to your random bleeding.
  3. Bleeding runs dry (excuse the pun :)) and loses value rapidly the closer you get to the end of a round and in a short round they're simply awful. If you have a deck full of vampires – which did I mention all they do is bleed or boost if bleed? – you run short of anything viable that can play for points towards the end of each round.
  4. Did i say theyre a one trick pony… oh yeah.

So, what might you do to fix them?


Well they need to have an ability that does something other than bleed for starters. What about Vampires with some sort of deathblow that can resurrect other Vampires from the graveyard or perhaps pull bronze Vampires to be played from your deck? Or, a high point vampire that has a passive ability that can resurrect units when they die on your opponent's side?

Not only would this be thematic, it would provide a useful ability (other than bleeding), which could thin your deck and/or interact with one or both graveyards. This would give some much needed value to Vampires towards the end of a round other than simply applying more bleeding that's never going to see value.

Thoughts? What are your ideas?


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