I can’t believe how uncommon extract camping is.

When I first started Tarkov, I'm talking day 1, my buddy warned me "Always be super careful going into the extract, people camp them". It's been about 10 months now, and I think I've only been killed at extract 2-3 times. Almost 1000 hours in, and the extracts are safe for me.

Never been shot from above tunnel, never run into somebody on top of the dumpster in Gate 3 factory, never been shot at the manhole on reserve. Red Rebel extract on reserve? Never received a bullet when the countdown was up. Trailer park extract? Safer than my living room. ZB-013? Raider got me there one time but that doesn't count since he can't understand he's being a dickhead, he simply exists to kill me.

I have camped tunnel, rock passage, crossroads, the car on woods, the outskirts on woods, the pier boat, all of them. Shooter born in heaven made me more rat than man. The entire time I thought "oooo baby the karma for this will bite me in the ass big time" but I've been doing it for 3 weeks (I just love thorax shots ok, just fucking love them) and not a single person has gotten me while I scurry away with my ill-gotten gains.

My only question: How is this not more common? It's absolutely the best strategy if you're broke and can only afford an AK with a single mag of 5.45 BP. You wait somewhere and let the other guys bring the loot to you. I mean ExfilCamper has made his career off this practice, but nobody fucking does it. Is the community that committed to being upstanding? Are we stupid?

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/EscapefromTarkov/comments/kf07ni/i_cant_believe_how_uncommon_extract_camping_is/

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