I legitimately do not understand how anyone can enjoy smurfing.

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Ive been losing rank pretty hard since cavern crawl began. normally high crusader down to low guardian. I completely stomped a team 2v5 as bristleback
had to kick my support out of lane, they trilaned on me without getting a kill. Anitmage, dark willow and jakiro some of bristles biggest counters. Support passive agressivley followed me around and took as much farm as he could played undying and would just post up his tomb as often as he could to take creeps.

Mid and i had to buy and place all wards. Our Safelane never left jungle the whole game but we still won.

Once the match was over i saw the enemy team was 1 star guardians i went from being proud of myself to being completely disheartened. Thats just two ranks below me. Smurfing accounts are often divine or legends. Dropping to guardian herald.. How does anyone get any enjoyment out of that. For a divine youd get more of a challenge against hard bots most of the time

Smurfing is super little dick energy. Literally no difference between that and breaking your items and running mid to feed.

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