Equipment 2.0 Appreciation Post

Disclaimers up front:
  • I have not played on the sandbox server yet; I've only seen the post and video
  • I am an absolute nerd who loves writing guides about equipment and such, so this excites me more than it should

Why Am I exited?

I've been waiting 3 years, 3 YEARS! for this update to finally happen. Equipment has been a stale and boring component of gameplay with only 3-5 good options (Rammer, V-stab, vent, Optic, GLD) for years now, and we're finally getting some of the diversity the system has needed for so long!

Things I'm hyped about

  • Reduced equipment slots at low tier (0 for tier 1, 1 for tier 2, etc.)
  • Cheaper equipment for low tiers (actually affordable for new players)
  • Consolidation of all the different types of the same equipment into something that scales with tiers
    -CO2 tanks, Improved filters, and wet ammo rack now entirely prevent the desturction of their corresponding modules. Imagine a leo immune to ammo racks!
  • New equipment types! Especially ones that help lights and meds!
  • Slots with specific type bonuses to some equipment
  • New equipment could breath life into some tanks on the edge of meta/competitiveness

Tempering the hype

  • This is all still only sandbox and may not ever make it to live server
  • The fact that Coated Optics wasn't in their list of popular equipment concerns me slightly
  • I fear that players may negatively respond to some of the light tank oriented modules because they help a certain car everyone hates go faster, see farther, and be harder to hit. Please, WG, don't throw the baby out with the bathwater. Don't nerf the spotting and mobility modules if the problem is just the EBR.
  • Purple equipment/bounty equipment might get comparatively better and widen the gap between the high level CW players and everyone else
  • It's WG. You never know what might happen.


I'm really excited at what I've seen so far because I get far too much joy out of equipment meta for my own good. Additional Grouser Meta 2021. Also, I'm going to put all the new equipment I see down below.

New Equipment:

(Values may be off depending on whether or not they showed it with the slot bonus)

Gun Traverse amplifier:
+20% to turret traverse speed

Improved Aiming unit:
-5% to aiming circle size

Improved Consumables:
-30s to consumable cooldown

Improved Hardening:
+5% to HP

Improved Tank Helmets:
-25% to stun duration
-30% to negative stun effect
-25% to additional stun duration

Module Protection:
+30% to module durability

+10% to engine power

Low noise exhaust system:
+6% to concealment

Improved Rotation Mechanism:
-15% to dispersion during vehicle rotation

Additional Forward Transmission:
+5km/h to max forward speed

Additional Reverse transmission:
+3km/h to max reverse speed

Improved Onboard Gearboxes:
+12% to stationary vehicle traverse speed

+10% to engine power

Experimental Powder:
-10% to concealment penalty after shooting

Jamming Device:
-2s to visibility time of vehicle

Commander's Vision System:
-10% to concealment of enemy vehicles behind foliage

Improved Radio Set:
+2s to time during which enemy vehicle stays visible

Panoramic Triplex:
-7.5% to concealment of moving enemy vehicles


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