I want to start a Dota 2 scholarship, but don’t know where to begin.

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Fellow TI friends, I miss being with you in person. Since past we met, the world changed and so did my life. My business exploded and I'm feeling quite blessed. Watching TI reminded me of how poor I was not long ago. Scraping together my dollars to attend TI was my only goal every year. It was my birthday gift to myself, and for once a year I sat in a room of people who understood me. Not just the Dota part. The community of Dota 2 is packed full of highly intelligent, successful people. I felt out of place, at first, having such amazing conversations, but quickly realized that I simply never got to talk to people this interesting. The talent level was astonishing. It helped me build a lot of confidence to start a youtube channel that changed my life.

Long story short, I lost my job unexpectedly and hit a all time low in 2018, forcing me to skip attending TI8. The youtube channel I started provided me the confidence (literally no money) I need to start a business. Of course TI9 was missed as well due to this. Sadly TI10 was canceled, but I'm on the otherside now, and I want to give back, but not sure where to begin. Business is booming and I don't have the skills to give all the feels a short film does.

My first goal is to provide yearly scholarships to Dota 2 players to encourage continued education, while awarding the dedication and commitment to Dota 2 and the community. Ideally, recognizing achievements and contributions to the community. I also would want to seek out others who want to give and invest back to the community.

TLDR I am thankful to this community and want to give back, but I'm not sure on the steps to take to create a legit scholarship. Any tips, connections, or advice would be appreciated. Thanks 😊

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