If you could sail your longboat to a new map, what supplies would you take?

Question: Suppose instead of starting over on a new map from scratch, you could load up your longboat and sail to it. What would you take? Or what would change about my answer?


  1. Can only use the 18 default slots on the boat. No crates or carts allowed.
  2. Can use your 32 inventory slots, but cannot be encumbered.

My Answer:


  • Gold coins
  • Bronze (since it's 2 copper and 1 tin per bar, time saver)
  • Chains (since uncommon)
  • iron, 4 stacks
  • silver, 4 stacks (600 arrows per stack vs. 250 for needle arrows)
  • Serpent meat, 4 stacks (50 stews per stack)
  • Guts (sausages have good ingredient-stacks to food-stacks ratio)
  • Surtling cores
  • Chitin (to make harpoon)

Personal Inventory:

  • Meginjord
  • Black Metal knife, sword, shield, axe, atgeir
  • Frostner, silver sword, porcupine, Draugr Fang bow
  • Iron sledge, iron pickaxe
  • Padded armor set + lox cape
  • Troll pants and tunic (for no movement penalty)
  • ancient seeds, globin totems
  • Turnips, Carrots, Barley, Flax
  • Neck tails, blood bags, resin, mushrooms, thistle (3 stacks), feathers. (tedious to farm these things)

Total weight = 215.1

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/valheim/comments/mtdkn0/if_you_could_sail_your_longboat_to_a_new_map_what/

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