I’m proud of Battlestate for not releasing 0.12 yet.

I know that a lot of the hate on them is mostly memes and we're mostly in the same boat with wanting the wipe and trying to be patient. Just after seeing so many games such as DayZ go through an agonizing death of no communication and really shit patches that just break the game until they update it again (or discontinue to game and tell us to get fucked). I am glad that battlestate is taking the time to give us a quality update and weed out bugs that would infuriate the players. They've done a great job communicating and the wipe is almost here! As many of you may have read it was supposed to drop today so that means in the next 3-7 days I think they'll have it ready. And if they don't it will probably be for good reasons. If any dev's read this know that we give you a lot of crap but still love ya haha. Good work boys. See everyone after the wipe, or in factory stealing all my expensive gear. And as always gib wipe.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/EscapefromTarkov/comments/dmunkq/im_proud_of_battlestate_for_not_releasing_012_yet/

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