I’m really digging the mining changes…

It seems that now instead of only LTD/VO/Painite being the cash cows, I can now be far less selective about which rocks I crack n’ scratch.

Last night I fished around in a Musgravite HS and found not just Musgravite but Serendibite, Benitoite, and Monazite. I was able to crack open pretty much all the cores I found and be very profitable with them because of the mining rebalance. VO’s are no longer king of the cores, at least not at the moment. I averaged about $800k with my four different core types.

No more rejecting everything under the sun except for VO/LTD’s. Makes core mining much more enjoyable.

Yes I know PWA is broken but rearward exterior view with VR, works just fine. Haven’t tested the Anaconda 7th slot trick yet. Will try that tonight. Been using a Python to mine with.

Laser mining… haven’t spent much time with it yet. I’ve been 95% core miner from the start and only recently started trying lasers. Haven’t done sub surface yet.

But yeah… the rebalance seems to be far more enjoyable since they made more materials worth mining.


Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/EliteDangerous/comments/k7gog3/im_really_digging_the_mining_changes/

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