I’m tired…. I’m just tired of playing against Nilfgaard

Yennefer's Journey

And I am especially tired of people constantly complaining that NG doesn't have any strong cards, that there is only one archetype, rest is trash and yet 70% of matchups I had on ranks 7-3 were NG, all with new bronze combo but with different gold's finishers ( Ball, Rience, Kolgrim, Joachim, Usurper, basically every top tier gold I have encountered) so it's really not that I'm tired of playing against the same deck over and over its just that all of the NG cards are pain in the ass, it's not like Monsters or Northern Relams tha left unchecked will make hundreds points, it's not like the Sy, St, Sk that have a great removal options in some deck but can also pull off engine overloads and point slame and all in a manageable amount. But NG is different, it has cards to fuck you up, Invocation, clogging, absurd amounts of poison and/or lock, Cantarella and on top of that in can slam two Joachim's in two turns, I hate thin combo with all my body.

Ok rant is over, I just wanted to take it out of my system I didn't try to convince anyone to anything I just wanted to state that I don't like NG, i really hate it, i really really really hate it, i fucking despise it. Seriously someone here had a great idea about banning specific fraction

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