impressed by TI games and teams, disappointed by valve

Windranger DOTA 2 Hero Warriors Ice

this TI bring us awesome 'anime' story arc, a lot of beautifull plays and some nice upsets.

we had nice panelists, we had a lot of nice inisight from pro players and diverse meta with few broken(ish) heroes.


i am honestly diappointed by valve.

they announced marci, anime character from netflix series and by the looks she doesn't fit game aesthetics like DK persona released while ago.

not even prerecorded Newell gratz for winning team, no new things, no patch teaser, literaly nothing. after 2 years of waiting all you got is cross promo for netflix anime.

we didnt even got client updated with new TI champions.

this is not rant about TI, this is rant about valve, who took a lot of cash, like A LOT of cash, had 2 years to prepare something special for 10th anniversary of dota and all we got is some kind of ingame anime promo, like this for artifact almost (thingies in fountain back in time).



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