Invisible Player Scavs This Wipe

Seriously? Me and my two friends are PMCing lighthouse, walk into village and clear building by building. Then two of us walk into the building thats got the small dump truck next to it, and we hear player scavs talking to each other, just shooting the shit.

One of my friends takes up position outside, hidden but staring at the front door for when this scav comes by and possibly in, then me and a friend are covering the front door, and Im waiting up stairs. This player scav is still talking, cant see him, but he sounds like hes right on top of us. No footsteps, or anything. Then I start taking damage, heavy bleeding, then I die. Both of my friends didnt hear or see anything, so when I mention that I died, the friend outside moves in and towards the stairs, then dies without a single shot being heard, again.

I check the end of raid damage log, and I died to 12/70 7mm, multiple shots, without a single shot being heard while Im INSIDE an already cleared house, on the second floor.

Not only is the sound broken, but I cant even see whos shooting at me, and they get free loot while I stand there staring at the stairs like a dumbass.

If its a glitch, fix that shit now. If its a hack, you need to get a life.

But since there were 2 and we didnt see either, Im thinking its a hack


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