On Foot Gameplay is great but the FPS element is not fun and I blame the guns.

Contrary to my username I rarely engage in gunplay in Elite, however I do find myself every once in a while having to dust off my pistol, and when I do it's honestly just not any fun.

I love Elite.., I love it more than Forever Alpha Citizen but fps which sadly was the primary focus of odyssey just isn't fun. It's way too slow considering projectiles have very little drag (don't get me started on the rifle 'not-a-rifle' weapon..) but honestly enemies less than 30 meters away should not be able to evade plasma projectiles so easily. Here are some apects of gameplay in my experience makes the game less enjoyable

  • There's no true lean/cover/peak/climb mechanic so you're just kinda Halo style jumping everywhere but really slowly at settlements not really designed for it.
  • Stamina is way too restrictive so you can hardly run away from an ambush and there's little indication of stamina status (fog on the glass is not good enough).
  • You can't collect ammo from an enemy (they never need to resupply).
  • Melee is useless.
  • Grenades are useless (at least give us the option to magnetise them somehow).
  • There's no sense of anything like visibility, noise, shadows.
  • Missions are way to similar (and I fear adding a few extra steps and NPCs at settlements to give/take missions isn't going to do much).
  • Zero station combat (makes absolutely no sense, station interiors are just more menus on foot).
  • Launched Fighters have zero use in odyssey.
  • No kinetic sniper rifle?
  • Settlements are way too far apart that it makes very little sense, they should be closer to encourage SRV use and include missions between settlements, enemy SRVs, etc.

Just wanted to expand on SRVs since we will be getting a new multi-crew one. The current SRV needs to be classified, designated an exploration SRV and the new one will clearly be a combat SRV but we need more classes such as a civilian SRV, transport SRV, and Sports SRV. I also truly hope they introduce NPC controlled SRVs. I want an Ad Astra pirate scene moment in Elite. You're driving to a settlement because anti-air controlled by rogue ai will take the ship down, while you drive to the settlement to disable the ai a band of pirates emerge looking to crash your SRV and steal your highly valuable tools needed to disable the ai.

Here's my comments, would love to hear more (besides ship interiors as that's too easy to argue about)

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/EliteDangerous/comments/qe9jf7/on_foot_gameplay_is_great_but_the_fps_element_is/

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