Is anyone else amazed by the loot people miss?

Honestly I've just started running Reserve and Shoreline big loot spots this week and I'm actually amazed by the stuff people just leave behind or don't even check.

I've found about 5 intel folders now in rooms that people have unlocked or cleared and not even bothered to check properly.

Today I found someone had dumped a load of CPU fans on the floor, but didn't even see the graphics card on the shelf right next to them.

People never bother searching filing cabinets even though on Shoreline they can have keycards and on any map they are stuffed full of 20k a slot tech loot.

And then I've had games where I've just walked through Reserve with my Scav and picked up 3 intelligence folders and an 80k signal modulator. Meanwhile the PMCs are all shooting each other over a few nuts 'n' bolts and are apparently so desperate to loot each others' 100k loadout that they're not even unlocking doors or looking for loot. WTF?


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