Extremely rare items and bsg contradiction

Nikita said many time that he doesnt like people looting specifics spots again and again, and then he goes and put extremely rare items necessarily on vital upgrades for the hideout making people go on specific loot routes trying to find them, because being so rare as they are the items go pretty expensive on the flea.
So, if he doesnt like people looting those specific spots why does he put imposible to find items?
Dont get me wrong, i believe that there should be items more rare than others, but not at that level and not on vital upgrades for the hideout. I know he made it so people just not speed run the game and that in a month or two those items will be extremly common, previous wipes he did the same. But i dont get his way of thinking, if he dont like people grinding specific spots dont make items extremly rare and put them on various zones across the map, so people will find them more naturally. Because right now the artificial escarcity is pretty notorious.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/EscapefromTarkov/comments/s1naq7/extremely_rare_items_and_bsg_contradiction/

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