Is EFT the most immersive game out there ?

I played video games for 15+ years and I never felt as much immersed while playing a game than with Tarkov, and after nearly 1600 hours it's still what keeps me going back despite all the scuffed audio and netcode.

So how EFT actually manage to be trully immersive ? I think it comes to a bunch of things that we don't see in other games:

The fact that your life during a game session actually matter. It's not the end of the world if you die, but you loose some stuff, so it makes you cares about whay you are doing. People usualy don't chill when playing EFT, you can't listen to music etc. You have to be focused on the game.

The PLAYER animations. This is something a lot of other games don't bother do to but EFT have tons of them and they gives you the feeling of being in the boots of your character: wathever you heal, eat, drop your backpack, put the key in a door, manage your gun: you have to take a little bit of you time to do all of this.

Nobody talks about the animations but for me it's one of the most well done thing in this game and they add a lot to the experience. And I hope at some point the movement will be more immersive as well with things like low ready and inertia coming.

The maps are amazing, they are actual realistic locations. They are not even good "FPS maps" as they are not balanced at all, they are just brutally realistic. Some people don't like it, but again it adds a lot to the immersion and almost no others FPS are doing it. Same goes for weapons, assets etc.

Some games can learn from Tarkov honestly, recently I played Cyberpunk wich also aims to be immserive. I think the game was great but for example the lack of player animations is such a bummer when you come from Tarkov.

So yeah, if you guys know a game as immersive as Tarkov I'll take your suggestions.


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