Is life too easy to find now?

Honestly, I am starting wo wonder if life is now so prevalent in the galaxy that it has become boring to find. Exobiology is just a boring repetition of scan a few planets, find one that has 3 or more biological signals, land on it, scan a dozen times or so, then leave. The payout for each find is small because there are just so many things out there to find. I find I don't even really look at what I am scanning anymore. They're all just the same boring things repeated over and over again.

Would it be more interesting if life was more like ELW hunting? Considerably more rare but with a larger payout when you did find it? Would that also provide the potential for more diversity in modelling given there would be less of it around too? I think that would keep the anticipation of the search alive longer, and continue to give that "wow" hit whenever it happened?


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