Is STW worth it now?

Hi all!

I have looked for similar posts but most of them are years old, so I have decided to create a new one, read real opinions and learn from experience (since Epic doesn't explain much either).

I'm back to playing thanks to Zero mode (I never liked the hardcore construction of the BR) and I'm enjoying it like never before, but I'm missing something. I have seen that there is the STW with classes and lore and more depth, plus they give quite a few VBucks and I like that, but I don't want to buy it and leave disappointed.

So, who would you recommend STW to? Can it be played alone, or is it almost mandatory to play with friends? If you didn't have it, would you buy it again? Do you think that watching a gameplay is enough to be able to decide if it is worth it?

Thanks in advance! I'm sorry if the question seems stupid, but I don't like to make decisions lightly. All information is valuable.

*Note: English is not my first language so I have used Google Translate. I'm sorry for any mistakes that might exist.*


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