Is there such a thing as a cheap kill as impostor?

I just finished a round and I’m having such a hard time not getting offended, lol. I cry easily.

So a crewmate was afk and another crewmate decided to guard their body. I had no idea that one of them was afk. The other impostor had already gotten voted out so I was like meh, I’m probably gonna lose anyway so might as well just kill yellow (guard) in front of cyan (afk). A couple of seconds pass and cyan did not react. I end up leaving because the kill cooldown was kinda high so I wasn’t gonna be lucky enough to kill cyan before it went down.

I get a good distance away and then yellows body is finally reported. Cyan starts calling it a cheap kill because they weren’t there to see who killed and overall has a condescending attitude. I don’t get sussed out but I can’t even feel good about getting away with that kill. I felt so lucky and then that happened, lol.

Were we just supposed to stop playing because this person decided to go afk?

Sometimes I feel like the majority of players have a genuine dislike for the impostors when they are crewmates. I have been in so many toxic lobbies. It’s gotten to the point where if I win as impostor and get banned/kicked I’m not even surprised anymore.


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