Isn’t being sent to prison 300 LY away, for a 300 Cr fine a bit disproportionate?

Just got "saved" by the police, accidentally brushed agaisnt one of them with my T1 beam laser, and got sent 300 LY away into bumfuck nowhere when trying to pay off my 300 Cr fine.

There are thankfully capital ships parked here, which charge you through the fucking nose to transfer your ships so i can transfer my ASX and get back (No way i'm getting 35 jumps on a T10)

I guess my biggest issue with it is that it really doesn't serve a purpose. At least murdering people for loitering serves a purpose.

I didn't "learn" anything, i was doing peaceful delivery missions, and the punishment is literally "Spend the next hour of gameplay unavoidably bored, and nothing else"

I don't mind the prison system, but shouldn't it be "after a certain amount of fines have been issued" or something?


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