It’s honestly still upsetting that when looking up videos about Save the World, the top results are still trade scamming, giveaways, and duplication glitch videos.

Not throwing any names out there, but I'm am still confused on why videos like these still get more attention than content creators who put out actual content on the game.

Let me also remind you that with the influx of new players from the Fortnite Crew, if they ever look up Save the World video on how to play the game or learning new mechanics, the videos will either be really outdated (so it might not be recent with newer updates) or they will get met with scamming videos and such. And this honestly just makes our community look bad, even though videos like these have been an issue for the past 2/3 years.

Because of videos like these, anyone new to the game will start doing what these youtubers are doing. Then they do that to players they find in missions. This in return makes other players 1. leave the game because of how annoying it gets, or 2. makes them also want to start trading, making the issue worst. This is basically and endless cycle of players trading and scamming each other in Stonewood until change happens.

And if you want more proof, here is some data on players from

About 7.16% of players are Power level 131, which is good. But if you look down, around 5.44% of players are power level 1. These players either quit almost instantly due to some reason or are people endlessly trading their guns and materials in Stonewood because of the videos they have seen or because they are a influenced by other traders to do the same. If you look at the amount of players between late Stonewood and early Twine Peaks, it makes sense on why finding people in certain missions is so difficult. Either most of the player base are endgame players which is fine, or everyone is mostly in Stonewood doing random stuff.

It's honestly quite shocking that you make a game so easy to get now, but an issue that has been plaguing the game for almost 3 years is still a thing, and occurs right in the first biome of the game. If you want players to actually get passed Stonewood so they can actually experience the rest of the game, maybe try making some changes like these:

  • You can't drop guns in Stonewood


  • You can only pickup weapons and materials that are 1 star higher than what your max crafting level is (for example if you can only craft up to 2 star weapons, you can only pick up 3 star weapons and materials or lower, which prevents people from trading power level 131 guns)


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  • Mofemego 03.05.2021 in 18:56

    Yes it is a fantasy

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