Jolly Cooperation Marker

After doing a lot of runs today with the whole increased Fence Rep thing, I started to realize something. Either A) people are purposely using the spots to farm up kills or B) People don't realize/care about abusing this broken markup. So I wanna propose an idea that maybe us Redditors can take part in.

Whenever this kind of even occurs, we should have some way of showing that we mean no harm and just want to farm up extracts and such. I know this game is supposed to be hard and such, but hey, it doesn't hurt to try and come up with something 😛 I know voice spamming and shooting in a tune are some ways to do so, but I'm starting to see not everyone understand those concepts (Or doesn't care). So maybe we can find some way to make it more noticeable to people that we're just there for that good ol' Fence Rep. What do you guys think? What are some ideas we could propose as a community to try???


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