Just complaining

I love tarkov so much and I’ve played so much over the past 2 and a half years. I like the new updates they add but the Meta is the same and everyone knows it now. You can’t do shit on labs anymore cuz everyone’s running m61 or m62. There’s nothing to protect yourself from that monster round. I haven’t loaded into a labs raid or just a normal ass raid on any other map in awhile without just getting doinked by this round. I haven’t seen a single other person on labs who hasn’t had a SA-58. I know that it’s late into wipe and that’s the reason everyone’s rocking meta guns and stuff but no one is using any other guns that don’t use that round. I don’t even see people with AKMs anymore. There’s nothing to even do against it. Altyn s won’t even protect you, slicks barley even do. Like what am I supposed to do against these fat chads. I used to be a chad but I’ve had to convert to the rat ways cuz I guess I’m just not good enough and the dsync is also getting me killed around somehow.

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