Just ideas to make PvP more balanced and therefore more fun for all

  1. For every debilitating experimental effect you can get (grom bombs, reverb cascade torpedos, ion disruption etc) there is also a counter-acting EE you can get if you'd like your equipment to be hardened against that effect. There is no logical reason why engineers in this world who make these effects wouldn't also do defensive engineering to counter them.
  2. Making "convoys" i.e. slaving your SC nav to a lead ship. Your computer would take destination, speed, drop location etc from a ship designated as convoy lead. The SC handling of the leader would inherit the characteristics of the worst SC computer in the convoy and if they hyperjump the worst FSD/fuel situation in the fleet governs travel. If someone tries to interdict anyone in the convoy there is an auto-submit of everyone and things progress from there. If any ship drops they all drop at that same location together. This seems like technology that would exist in 3307 and be used by many defensively in shipping and commerce. It would work to counteract the inherit advantages an offensive ship/wing have to isolate one ship. This would be a really fun mechanic I think.
  3. Engineering to make your FSD more resistant to interdiction tethers. Perhaps it makes the aggressor have to get much closer to connect, more "right behind" you, RNG chances to throw off the tether, or even give you a few seconds as it warns you a tether is forming where you can drop and they drop at a much more inexact position from you. Again, this is to counteract inherit advantages the interdictor has, and to counteract the engineering they can get. Why should the engineering go only one way?
  4. A real PvP bounty hunting mechanic designed to turn the surprise mechanic on unlawfuls. You can visit a local bounty hunting contact who can give you a contract on local player unlawfuls (maybe operating in a 50 ly radius right now). In exchange for taking up the contract they provide you with a device that gives you real-time info on the last nav beacon they pinged upon system entry (you would also need a very expensive module to use it). When under contract you are guaranteed an instance with them when in the same system, respecting the block mechanic of course. If you fail to kill them in the allotted time there are heavy fines and penalties levied against you for breach of contract but if you do the payouts are much bigger than normal bounties. Once the contract expires your tracking device for them goes dead. Make the art of Kanly be alive and well. 😉

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/EliteDangerous/comments/qf27fn/just_ideas_to_make_pvp_more_balanced_and/

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