Just made Elite in combat – and I am a fraud.


Well commanders, having played this game since launch, I have finally earned my Elite Combat rank, to go with the Exploration and Trading I already have. Getting to Triple Elite is normally a milestone for commanders, and a serious source of pride.

Not for me, though. I feel like I cheated.


Because I haven't taken out a ship in about two years.

That's right. While I tore things up "back in the day", I never was able to get the hang of combat after engineering came to be, so I just… avoided it. Prior to this summer, I was smack in the middle of Dangerous, about 55%. So what changed? Odyssey.

I've been really enjoying the on-foot stuff, and have racked up several thousand kills. But these have been counting towards my combat rank as well as my mercenary rank, and I don't think it should be. (It's universal, not a bug.) So now, technically, I've achieved the same rank as commanders who've spent countless evenings in combat zones, hunting Thargoids, or massacring pirates left and right. To the best of my knowledge, I should have taken out over 2,000 elite NPC pilots just to get through Deadly, but it seems any and all on-foot NPCs counted the same.

So here I sit. An elite fraud.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/EliteDangerous/comments/q6x8xk/just_made_elite_in_combat_and_i_am_a_fraud/

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