Just wanna give a quick shoutout to the Body Recovery Services discord server.

Friend of mine died in her first swamp experience. She tried to get her stuff back and died again. I hopped in to assist since I've killed Bonemass and am in mountain gear. She died on the tiniest speck of island. I had no poison resist and kept getting knocked back into the water, unequipping my weapons. There were several skeletons, 3 draugr, and 4 leeches, and a couple of the enemies were 1 star as well. I killed everything except a couple leeches, but I ended up dying as well. We created a raft and went back naked with no food hoping we could get our stuff back before respawns, but no such luck. More leeches and draugr when we got back. Crap.

I turned our raft around and headed back to base while looking up the Body Recovery Services discord channel. They have a great setup for starting trouble tickets, and got someone in voice chat almost immediately, a lovely guy named Biscuits. He hopped in our server equipped with high level food, poison resist portions, portal mats, and stuff to make a longship. He crafted the boat and put the food and potions in the chest for us. We climb in with him and off we go! We ate our food and potions on the way. Once we got to our bodies he killed everything, helped us recover all the items from our corpses, and even broke down our karve and loaded the mats up for us, and gave us a ride back to base. He helped us unload the boat too! He was pleasant to chat with the entire time, and really saved our asses.

Definitely check them out if you get stuck. It's an amazing free service!

Edit: Discord invite link – https://discord.gg/4EHmt9kS

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/valheim/comments/m3t9wh/just_wanna_give_a_quick_shoutout_to_the_body/

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