Lady kahina loren, raxxla, murder,the empire,fed and the dark wheel, metadrive and sirius conspiracy. An unknown story to many new commanders

Many have not heard about lady loren and her being framed and killed, but this wiki link tells a long story about her and the dark forces behind the empire and feds, it also reveals some information about raxxla and col 70 sector, a mysterious huge area locked in elite with no permit at all! Raxxla could still be out there and this story gives hope, more importantly long live lady loren and like the betrayal of commander jameson by dark forces, hopefully more will come to light and justice will prevail, allot of new commanders know of the duvals but nothing of the mysterious lady loren and the children of raxxla.

Many people dont believe raxxla exist but to quote the creators:
Question: "Where is Raxxla?" Brookes: "Well it's in the Milky Way, but I can't tell you where it is. It's a journey that everyone has to travel for themselves." Question: "You have said that there will be no clues though?" Brookes: "That's true, but I think you have to make some of it a tiny bit obvious just so people know what they're doing. There's nothing to be revealed at this stage.

In other words, its out there, but who will find it? Who ever does will yield a great gift.


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