Late start & Player Scavs 0.12

This is not going to be like the other posts asking for some huge balance changes, I’m not going to complain about a bunch of mechanics or the balance of the game. This is simply a few QoL changes that I think would help the game and I want to get some feedback from you guys!

Late start & Player Scavs

Late Start

I’ve seen a few posts about this and I agree that late starts should not happen. For the sake of fairness alone, All players should start the raid at the same time. Allow a matching screen and works as a ready check to put all players on the map before you allow the game to start. Some simple logic checks should take place before the match does

  1. Are all players accounted for?
  2. Are all players Loaded in?
  3. Connection check
  4. Deployment countdown
  5. Launch

It’s essential that they have an even playing field, No player enjoys bringing in a good kit expecting to spend a good 20-30min in a match to be shut down and effectively robbed due to a loading screen.

Player Scavs

As far as early player Scavs go I’m going to justify it, For a few Reasons

  1. Hatchling Deterrence
  2. Variation in gameplay
  3. Loot rewards/Dispersal

Hatchlings are a frequent complaint amongst many posts. I’ve seen countless posts about wanted changes, long threads of good conversation about how to deal with it. Subsequently complaining about it is pointless no matter how you spin it, it’s a play style that is good for the game. You want a saturated market and that’s exactly what they do. There are tons of things they’ve already done to ease the pain so many complain about and all were good changes.

Allowing Player Scavs to join at the start of a server and rush loot spawns is a good thing. For all of you complaining about Gammalings. There is your fix. Play controlled Scav patrol. If that Scav gets the “Gamma” loot you have ample opportunity to kill them and take it.

what are your thoughts?


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