Let’s talk about PlayerScavs…

Playerscavs are becoming a huge issue in EFT, especially on Customs.

Customs used to be my favourite map, now I hate it.. The fact is, I encounter a few players, kill them.. then out of the woodwork, the Playerscav army arrives. You can easily kill 5-10 of the rats in one raid. And this isn't normally a problem, were it not for the fact that they get much better guns than they used to, and you get head-eyes'd frequently. There are a number of issues that I would like addressed.

  1. They are spawning in Minutes into a raid, in close proximity to PMC's. I shouldn't have to defend my loot from Playerscavs 5 mins into a raid, right at spawn. And even if they are not spawning in PMC Spawns, they could be spawning in locations near to loot. They should not have this advantage.

  2. They are given better gear than half the PMC's use. SA58's. Full size 30 round AK's. SVD's. Plus all of the keycards, fuel conditioner, flash drives. There should not be incentive to play as a Playerscav. It should be only beneficial to PMC's who are too poor to go in geared themselves.

  3. 15 min timer? Really? By the time you manage to fit your haul in your stash, you just have to wait 10 mins or so and you can go back in.. You don't even have to play as your PMC character to make serious money.

My Solutions:

  1. Spawn them no earlier than 20 mins into a raid, and spawn them far away from PMC players.
  2. Back to the old PlayerScav weapons – 133/153 shotguns, 10 round AKu, 10 round VEPR136/209(no stock), PM/Grach Pistols, VEPR hunter (crap rounds). No T3+ body armour, no Grenades, no Keycards/Fuel/Fuel Conditioner/Flash drives.
  3. 30 min timer. It is plenty. 15 mins is excessive and unecessary.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/EscapefromTarkov/comments/j9s3qx/lets_talk_about_playerscavs/

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