PSA: Lootboxes might actually have a really decent value. Semi-anecdotal proof with a guide what items to reroll.

TLDR: Buy.

Hello fellow Tankers,

your neighbourhoods unicum and M.Sc in Economics here. Just like me, you might've been told to not buy the evil WG scumboxes, because they are as dogshit as the shit of a dog. But strangely enough not a single person decided to provide some basic calculations, so I decided to step up and be the hero of the number obsessed autistic kids. I've run some super simplified calculations to determine whether the lootboxes are actually an evil plan to steal ur wife's boyfriend's money or a somewhat decent deal. As it's quite hard to assign every item presented in the box I've first made some assumptions according to my personal preferences.

  1. Assumption: 1 Gold = 1000 Credits. There is an official exchange course of 1 Gold = 400 Credits, but no a single sane person would use that shit, so i altered the number to the one i would exchange my gold for.
  2. Assumption: 1x 50% Exp Booster = 5 Gold. Fuck that shit. I'm already sitting on hundreds of 100% ones, so this has basically almost no value.
  3. Assumption: 1 Credit Booster = 200 Gold. I estimate to make about 200k worth of credits from an 1 hour credit booster, so combined with the 1. Assumption, this leads to the stated conversion rate.
  4. Assumption: Booklet = 50 Gold. 250k Exp can be bought for 2.000.000 Credits, which combined with the 1. Assumption would lead to a value of 2000 Gold. Booklets are 8% as strong as the 250k journal, which leads to a value of 160 Gold. But as I've got enough well trained crews, I've arbitrarily decided to assign a value of 50g to a booklet, cause that's how i roll.
  5. Assumption: 850k book = 550 gold. Assumed the average crew size of 4 and went with the calculation from there. So if 80k exp booklet = 50g, then 850k book = 550g and I saved the rounding just to trigger some people.
  6. Assumption: WTFE100 Ticket Value = 50 Gold. Someone told me that u make 150k per game in this shit. Opportunity cost of playing a good premium instead = 50k. Fun factor of this shit mode = 0,5. Assumption 1 leads us to: (150000-50000)/1000*0,5 = 50.
  7. Assumption: Tank Values. Ahh man, just take it. 3k gold for an tier 8 and we can start analysing.

The data for the drop probabilities was taken from community cuntributor with the 800 boxes.

Box Value: 406 gold. Includes the 100 gold and the ticket. Actually pretty fucking good and definetly better than the usual 250g/€.

What the fuck to reroll and what to keep: If "Roll + 100 Gold" < Reroll Value, u reroll. Easy.

Sorry, I'm tired of typing, will gladly answer questions tho and provide a link to the xls or a google docs file if i figure out how.

Best Regards


Edit: Hope the link works.


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