Looking for any information of what happened to David Scully (Response from Valve?)

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The actor behind some of the greatest characters in Dota 2.

A highly renowned actor in the voice acting industry, basically vanished since 2013 still in the peak of his career. I'm looking for any information on what he is doing now or having this post get enough attention for someone at Valve to respond, as working for Valve was possibly his last voice acting roles (Juggernaut announcer/CSGO Swat voice – 2013)

Any legitimate information will help, I've been trying to research as best I can for close to 3 years now on what he is doing now, from what I know so far: there was a voice actor strike at the start of 2014 with a union he was a part of making him unable to do almost any voice work; eventually the strike was settled in 2017 but yet to be any roles or work from the man, at least voice/on camera roles. It also is more difficult getting any information as Mr. Scully seems to be a very private individual with almost no internet presence or social media profiles and also stating in his old Voice acting coach sessions website that he declines interviews, requests and signings.

This man alone is one of the main reasons I have stuck with Dota 2 for the past 10 years now, I honestly believe I would not have stuck with it for so long without the awesome characters Valve made and the actors behind them, especially Sven, Juggernaut and Bane. I'm sure the community also loves these characters and wishes to see more of them in the future, two of which are confirmed to be Gaben's favourite heroes – Weaver and Sand king. David Scully is also known for famous roles outside of Dota 2 in big franchises, where he also has not made any appearances including Sly Cooper, Star Fox and more famously Sgt. Johnson from Halo, so he is still in high demand but with no record in years.

If anyone has information or leads on what he is doing now, it would help me so much, the man is a great talent and hope he acts again, even if it isn't Dota. My research can be limited as I'm not American and I know Dota's fanbase is internationally huge, so even if someone has seen/heard him in a theatre/radio/play, any information helps.

Theories and questions you might ask and my conclusions from my research:

  • Maybe he is still on strike? ~ The union he was apart of came to an agreement from the strike in 2017, another member of this strike was Jen Taylor (Voice of Puck, Windranger, Lina) and she is still working and has reprised her roles in Dota also.
  • Maybe he retired? ~ A possibility, but from what I have seen and heard, the man clearly loves to act and play characters, nor does he seem old enough to retire, that and most of his biggest roles are video game gigs, which actors do not get royalties from. I would totally respect his choice if true, heartbroken, but would accept it.
  • Is he alive? ~ I hope to God he is, the man is a massive talent and pretty sure if he passed on, it would of been reported about or mentioned by fellow colleagues.
  • Cheaper for Valve to replace him than hire him again? ~ First of all, this is Valve we are talking about, if anyone has enough money to hire him, it's Valve. Plus Valve has hired other actors to voice his characters in Artifact and Dota Underlords, in which they needed to hire 5 different actors to voice 6 of his characters which is 100% not more cost effective.
  • Why would Valve have any information? ~ Valve would be able to confirm if David Scully is still working or not by either the writers, audio engineers, or hiring directors, as I'm sure they must of attempted to hire him over the years since 2014 with Artifact, Dota Underlords or the Juggernaut Arcana.

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