Love Gwent but… Some feedback

Yennefer's Journey

I feel that the game should have more effects on the interactions with the cards. Effects, animations etc … I do not feel that when launching a card, the feeling of an important hero from the world of The Witcher.

I also feel that many games the only thing I do is make my card combo, and the enemy does his card combo, and we do not interact in any way with each other. We just play cards in the correct order and that's it.

I love the dark and adult style, but the menu is horrible and too depressing, it doesn't make me want to play the game very much, there is also a lack of contrast when you play on mobile on the background and the cards.

I know that the developers wanted to simulate a battlefield and that the art is the most important of the cards but really no card seems special or stands out above anything.

The modeling of many characters is pretty ugly, and it doesn't add much.

The future draft mode is boring, and seeing all the modalities of the competition, now entering a mode that only does random cards does not seem like a very successful element.


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