Lvl 20 Flea

Me and the boys were playing tarkov last wipe for the first time, pretty casually. We actually enjoyed the game and Tarkov was the best game i have found to play in YEARS. So much that i even invested into the game by upgrading to EOD edition. I know im late to the discussion but hear me out anyways. I am currently at lvl 17 after 1,5 weeks of non-stop grinding since the wipe came out. Since then i have completely stopped playing. But there is something telling me to come back and play but i dont want to sit for hours upon hours to play the game just to have fun again. I love the gunplay and pvp aspect of the game, but grinding is too much for me. Flea lvl 15 i would say is the best way too have people who want to grind and do tasks + the people who wants to have pvp and have fun with the gunplay in the game at the same time, if this is the case for the next wipe i will 100% come back to play!

Let me hear your opinions on the discussion/suggestion!


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