Make Apex pilots more vocal

Apex interstellar is a great feature for the game overall. But it really feels empty with them only speaking at arrival or departure.

Making them have small talk in between point A and B would make them way more fun. It doesn't even have to be updated constantly imo. They can just talk about random things, some ideas I had:

"Y'know I tried fighting one of those thargoids a while back. Didn't go well, couldn't afford the insurance and now I have to do this until I can afford a new ship. Never fly without a rebuy commander."

"I hear some of the big names in the galaxy will give you special parts if you help them expand. Could be useful."

"Apparently there are some really talented engineers out there that won't even talk to you without a recommendation. But I don't know how you could get one."

Really the options are endless for what they could say. But I like these three because they inform you about gameplay mechanics that are otherwise a bit obscure


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