Meta Disappointment

witcher gwent cards

I want to start off by saying that I love Gwent and that I have been playing for more than a year now. For the last four seasons, I got from Rank 3 to 1 with off meta decks and from 1 to Pro with mostly meta decks. But this season, for some reason, not only can I not get past Rank 3, but I also feel like the game has became thoroughly unenjoyable.

I have been facing the same decks again, and again, and again. It's always a dumpster fire of "play ultra greedy" vs "play hyper control" and it feels not like the outcome is determined not by skill but by the roll of a dice. If you play greedy, you win if you draw your greedy cards; if you play hyper control, you win if you insta-kill said greedy cards. It's not even rock-paper-scisors anymore: it's a coin flip, and that's ridiculously frustrating.

I used to play nearly every day and multiple matches a day: even when I was in much lower ranks, even when my win rate was virtually zero. But now, the game doesn't feel fun anymore in my opinion; even winning just feels like "well, I got lucky!". And how could the game be enjoyable if there is no diversity in deck building and if skill is seemingly second to luck?

To sum up: they said that they wanted to put "fun" before "balance", but the utter lack of balance in the game is what's making it not fun for me (and I am willing to bet many of you feel the same way).


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