Mid game advice?

TLDR: have the most roubles I ever have (8.5m), what do I spend money on- hideout or just organization/guns/ammo?

Hi all of you crazies (for loving the game, like me… I’m a crazy)

So this is my first wipe. I have reached mid game level at this point and getting much more confident in my PVP skills but I am still a rat at heart. Need some advice!

About me: level 22, with mostly level 2/3 traders. My stash is currently a huge mess with a ton of armors (both shitty and good), tac rigs and junk. Not a lot of guns. I don’t have a lot of ammo built up I usually just buy what I need on the market.

I haven’t touched my hideout hardly at ALL. My main goal was to just get as many roubles as I can. I set goals for myself, like “when I get to this many roubles, I’ll buy THIS case etc.”

Current roubles: 8.5 million. I went on a $2.5mm run in the last 3 days that i’m proud of and I’m the richest I’ve ever been. I was hanging around 3.5/4mm for the longest time. And now I just find myself not wanting to spend money lol.

So this bears the question… what do I spend my money on this late in the wipe? Should I work on hideout? Should I just organize stash and buy some cases. I personally don’t want to drop below $6mm as my comfort level but I feel like a lot of good players just have like under 2 million all the time.

Thanks all!

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