mo is in a really bad spot

gerald witcher 3 gwent table

this faction is really starting to fall behind and besides swarm there is not a single viable deck. not even recently buffed vamps are played. i think there are couple of reasons.

  1. no control. they have zero control. every faction has some kind of control even nr with their duel cards. if you go devotion route you have no answer to many opponent's winning cons. with recent metas it just doesn't work.
  2. no tutors. except hillock for dw units and naglafar that is the worst tutor in game you have nothing.
  3. worst echo card in the game. comparing mo's echo with aa or blood eagle or coup is laughable. i don't see a single ng, sk or nr deck that don't use their echo cards. they are extremely valuable, on the other hand i don't remember last time i saw ard gaeth.

i really like concept of devotion but rn mo just can't do it due to reasons i mentioned i think.


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