What I like and dislike about Apex

Given that Apex has been out for more than a year I thought it would be beneficial to compile a list of my top Pros and Cons of the game. I have played Apex from the beginning and want nothing but the best for the game and I hope I can highlight what I love and things I think need changing to really make it one of the best games.


  • Movement and Maneuverability (when the game runs as it should the movement and speed is unparalleled to other games)
  • Gunplay (simple yet rewarding when knocking someone)
  • Map Design (maps with unique different areas)
  • Season changes and variability (town takeovers and LTMs)
  • Legends with unique abilities
  • Lore of the game and how it relates to Titanfall


  • ┬ĚServer Quality (Need improved servers that can handle higher tick rate and improve smoothness of game)
  • SBMM (remove SBMM entirely for casual. There is ranked for a reason. If needed have new players play with each other in the beginning until they reach a certain level, but everyone after that level should be totally random. )
  • Underpowered legends (Numerous legends need buffs, the most important that come to mind are mirage, octane and lifeline.
  • No cross play (should be able to cross play with other consoles and have the option to cross play with PC)
  • Lack of communication (More communication with the player base in general about what is being implemented into the game such as buffs and nerfs player feedback etc)

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/apexlegends/comments/fypath/what_i_like_and_dislike_about_apex/

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