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Long time Elder Scrolls veteran here, normally get all my mods from Nexus (and FilePlanet before that, RIP) and typically use Mod Organizer 2 + Wyrebash for that.

Now, for Valheim, I'm noticing that there's dedicated stuff like Thunderstore Mod Manager and r2modman (not to mention different places other than Nexus to get them, such as the first manager's titular and I'm wondering which is the best to use (and why would I use one of those instead of Vortex or Mod Organizer 2 or something), as well as which mod site?

I run a dedicated server for about 6 friends. We've settled on a mod list. Technically, I could download all the mods, make sure their directory structure is set up correctly, put them all in a .rar or .zip, put that on dropbox or my FTP server, drop the link in Discord, and tell them to extract it on top of their Valheim directory, but then I'm responsible for keeping that zipfile updated.

That brings me to the other point: the dedicated server. It looks like I'm already going to have to maintain an updated download list myself for that, just to manually patch the mods as they're updated. Unless there's an automated method I'm not aware of?

Anyway, comments, suggestions, etc welcome.


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