You die so quickly now.

Am i the only one who hates this? I had full health and lvl 3 shields yet it took 2 seconds for me to die. I liked apex way better when it took more than just a few seconds to die. I find myself getting more and more frustrated every time i play because here i am with 200hp who just got taken out in a matter of a few seconds. Hopefully it doesn't stay like this forever. If they want to do it for all of season 2, fine by me but if it's going to stay like this forever then you lost me as a player and customer.

When it took either a couple mags or some nice shots to kill someone i feel like that what made apex unique and fun.

Maybe i just have to get used to it more but im definitely not enjoying the fights that last a split second. With apexs good movement i don't understand why they made the weapons so powerful now. It was way better when you could outplay someone even if they had double of what you had.

What does everyone else think? Hopefully i'm not the only one.


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