Modding: ideas for non-base raids

Bones + Beech seeds = Chance of Birch Tree?

So most people know "base raids" as trolls smashing down your structures. But more recently, the devs introduced "non-base raids" (as I call them) such as being hunted.

If there is one place in a survival-building-exploration game where the player should feel safe or be able to relax, it should be their base. So I've been looking at ways to "flip" the raid dynamics.

The purpose of this post is to fill my time and brainstorm about possible non-base raids that might happen to players out in the world. Using the mod Custom Raids, there's a lot of amazing options/conditions including time of day, weather, biome, distance to spawners, items in inventory, noise created by player, world age, distance from center to name the majority.

Example1: a player inside a black forest carrying a surtling core could spawn skeletons, fire infused skeletons (with CLLC) and surtlings depending on the current weather and proximity to a swamp.

Example2: spawning a multistar serpent for 30secs during a thick fog to "taunt" some fearless vikings

I'm just curious what other people might imagine for interesting non-base raids.


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