Monsters That Deserve Cards (#1?) – Weekend Lore Ramblings

the witcher and ciri gwent

Previous posts focused on (mostly) human characters, this time we will finally cover some monsters. I've put a question mark in the title because I might do another post on monsters or not but I don't know yet. Without further to do, lets get started.

Vereena – a bruxa and Nivellen's lover. Before Geralt met Nivellen, he found a body of a merchant in the nearby forest. Vereena was watching him heading into Nivellen's residence and Geralt noticed her. During their conversation, Geralt asked Nivellen if he lived alone, which he denied, but realising that the witcher met her, he told him about her. He told him that she speaks rarely in the langauge he doesn't know and often disappears into the woods. Both of them thought she's a water nymph (rusałka), a creature related to dryads as they are also timid in nature. The next day Płotka/Roach made Geralt realise that Vereena is a vampire. He returned to the residence and found her sitting near the fountain, he tried to guess which species of vampire is she, he deducted she has to be a bruxa and has been using Nivellen to be able to kill people with impunity. A fight broke out between them. At some point Nivellen showed up and attacked her with a perch letting Geralt to finish her off. Her death lifted Nivellen's curse making him come back to his human form and ensuring him that the love between him and Vereena was real. She was described as slim, black-haired and wearing white, trailing dress.

Lopustre (Żyrytwa) – a large, aquatic insectoid, "discovered" by Edmund Bumbler of Oxenfurt from whom it got its scientific name, Ichtyovorax bumbleri and who thought it only eats fish which Geralt told scholar Linus Pitt, whom he met on a boat to Oxenfurt is nonsense as it also attacks humans (they can flip a boat or try to pull someone underwater with their claws). In elder speech its name is Cinerea. It lives mostly in the swamps especially in Angren. It looks like a giant cancer or a lobster with flattened, brownish body. It has hardened carapace that's difficult to get through.

Vodyanoi or Fish people (ryboludzie) – an intelligent, underwater race of fish-like humanoids that lived in the underwater city of Ys near the coast of the principality of Bremervoord. Geralt was hired by Bremervoord's Prince, Agloval to find out what kills pearl divers in that region. Geralt and Jaskier/Dandelion found the stairs that lead into the deep of the water, and later the monster attacked Geralt. It was as tall as him, but looked like a humanoid fish with bulging eyes, wide, ominously smiled mouth, pendulous dewlap and a comb on the head. The monster was fighting with a toothed blade, revealing to Geralt that the race knows the secrets of metalworking. Vodyanoi also appear in The Witcher 1 (where the race was first named), where they are worshiped by the brickmakers as "Water Lords" ("Wodni Panowie"), only one member of the species, a priest who serves the Lady of the Lake (Pani Jeziora) isn't hostile towards Geralt. The rest of them worship their leader, giant vodyanoi called Dagon which is the boss of the chapter IV of the game.


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