Monsters that deserve cards #3 – Weekend Lore Ramblings

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For today's post, we are revisiting the world of monsters, looking at some creatures from the world of the Witcher that deserve to have cards in the game. Now, lets get into it.

Zeugl – an androgynous, omnivorous monster living in the garbage dumps. When Geralt visited Aedd Gynvael with Yennefer, he was hired by the city's starost Herebolth to kill a zeugl the has been living in the city's garbage dump and killed 8 people. Herebolth payed him 5 marks less than they agreed to, saying it accounts for the tax. It has a bulbous body, with bright, phosphorescent eyes and wide mouth full of cylindrical teeth. It has many tentacles with spikes and suction cups. As they are genderless like snails, they only need one specimen to reproduce. Young zeugls aren't dangerous but when they grow they become a problem, so about a month after killing the adult one, you need to scour the area with dogs and get rid of the young ones.

Knocker (Pukacz) also known as coblynau, knaker polterduk, pustecki, rubezahl or the treasurer (skarbnik/skarbek) is an intelligent ogroid, a type of kobold, living in caves and old mines. They are bigger and stronger than the regular kobolds, they have red beard, hairy body and broad shoulders. They like to do mischievous pranks to the miners, but they can be bribed with food and alcohol, the latter of which they especially like. Geralt met one of them in the cave behind a waterfall in Toussaint, where Regis told him to speak with Avallac'h. The knocker did a prank on him, telling him to turn his head then punching him in the face. Later, when Geralt needed to go to Cead Mykvid, he rode that knocker, which wasn't pleasant, bacause the ride was very shaky.

Sand monster (piaskowy potwór) unnamed species of insectoid living in the Korath Desert, which Ciri encounters with Ihuarraquax (who she calls "Konik" – "Horsie") while trying to find her way out of the desert, where she was brought by a distorted portal in Tor Lara, which she entered while running from Vilgefortz after the coup on Thanedd. It resembles a giant crab, has a tough, oval, segmented brownish or grayish carapace covered in sparse brisrtles, but can be hurt by sticking the sword underneath it, has a giant claws and is venomous. It attacks, by burying itself in the sand, creating a funnel in it, to which its prey falls, if its victim tries to escape, it shoots sand from its mouth. They seem to cumpletey suck blood out of their prey, which is predominantly small animals. Ciri manages to kill one of them that trapped both her and the unicorn. Ihuarraquax was hurt by the monster, Ciri tried to heal him with magic, but when she saw a vision of Falka, she renounced her power.


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