I’m a (very) long time FPS player, dating back to the first Doom. I play CoD and similar games quite a bit and I recently purchased Escape From Tarkov. In my view, the movement mechanics are just awful and almost nausea-inducing. I’ve read the pushback against making the game have ultra-quick movement like CoD and I can see the validity in that, because while I personally love the CoD series, it’s hardly realistic when someone can run at full speed, slide, and nail you straight in the head with a sniper quickscope. But surely is some middle ground somewhere? In EFT, I literally feel like I’m learning to walk and move right after being shot by a tranq dart. It’s literally the worst movement mechanics I’ve ever encountered in an FPS, which is disappointing, because it seems like there are so many other aspects that could be really cool. Frankly, it’s a deal breaker for me and I’m personally done with the game and will consider my $50 investment as an ‘ooops’ (after 30m) unless the movement is revamped, because I simply can’t get over it.

Does anyone else feel this way or am I completely missing something?




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